For the needs of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU TACSO 3 project is organising an online written consultation regarding the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme (CSF) 2024-2025.

The aim of this consultation is to get your views on priorities for the programming of CSF 2024 – 2025 with civil society as well as other stakeholders interested in the development of the Programme.

Please send us your written contribution by Friday, March 3, 2023, at 16:00 hrs.

The main questions that we would like to consult with you are as follows (you can answer all of them or just those of your interest):

  1. Which are the priority sectors that should be included in the programming of CSF 2024 – 2025 than are not funded or are under-funded by other donors?
  2. What are the overlooked sectors in which civil society needs to be reinforced in support of the EU accession process and why? Please provide justification for the added value/ role of civil society to addressing some of the topics
  3.  In your view, what should be the minimum and maximum budget for a project to achieve results and have impact?
  4. What should be the minimum duration for a project to achieve results and have an impact?
  5. What is the best way to support smaller-sized CSOs?
  6. In your view, should financial support to third parties (re-granting) be included in the programming? If no: please elaborate on why not. If yes: What are the sizes of grants or financial support to third parties you would like to see included in the Programme?
  7. If you already participated in a Call and got a sub-grant launched by other beneficiaries, what was your experience? What should be improved?
  8. According to you, is civil society well targeted under the Civil society Facility? Any thoughts or recommendations for improvement?

Please send all the comments to:

Written contributions can be submitted both in English and BHS languages.

The deadline is Friday, March 3, 2023, at 16hrs.  

If it’s easier for you, you can answer the questions via the created online questionnaire in BHS language, which is available at: